Hull Investment Properties

This is a portfolio owned by Father and Son, Chris and Tony Hodgson, we began with our first property over 40 years ago and have seen every up and down of the property market during this time. We have seen interest rates of 15% and seen them drop to 0.5%, we have been through the recent banking of 2008 crisis and other similar ones in the 1980's and 1990's. We have seen over supply of houses whereby tenants were very difficult to find, and had to be given a rent free period to encourage them in, to recent times when you can charge an administration fee and deposit and a higher rent and still have them lining up for a property.

Through all of these conditions our properties have stood firm, paid their way and come through the other side, from the most adverse of conditions you some times learn the most and this has often been the case for our selves.