Recommended Property Investment Companies

Direct investment opportunities from some of the UK’s top developers, we can offer early access to exclusive property development launches in the UK’s best performing cities. Allowing you to fully
European Property Investments
10 Years ago Prague, the amazingly beautiful capital city of Czech Republic, became an investor paradise as the property boom travelled across Europe. As investors had their fingers burned in risky
Property Invest Finder
We offer our services to clients who are looking to invest in properties by taking over important tasks, which include, negotiating deals and prices, and looking for the best possible combination that
Brendan Bruder is an honours Bachelor of Science graduate of Trinity College/Bolton Street College, Dublin with an honorary Master of Arts degree from the same University. He has worked in the UK for
S E Land & Estate
Established by Harvey Shapiro in 1987, the SE Land & Estates Group specialises in the acquisition of properties for long-term investment and short-term repositioning. The Group owns a substantial and
Your Property Shop
Here at YOUR Property Shop we have our own tradesman, and partnership agreements with tried and tested firms. Of course, there is a benefit to you too - we have agreed preferential rates for our
Broadwood Assets
Broadwood Assets Ltd offer a wealth of experience in the investment and pensions markets and are widely recognised as one of the UK's leading specialists of bespoke UK and international real estate
My Property Centre
At My Property Centre (Your Property Centre) we make everything to do with property as simple as possible. It really doesn't have to be as complicated or time consuming as you might think - whether
Glasgow Property Investments
Headquartered in Glasgow, UK, we serve clients globally in providing attractive real estate investment opportunities, with commitment to providing returns to our clients through the acquisition,
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