Property Saviour

We are ethical and believe we offer a genuinely first class service to our clients who are delighted with sell my house fast option. We will always put you first as our customer, and value your opinion. Our Managing Partner, Chris Bean has been buying properties for over 25 years. Chris believes in honesty, integrity and trust. These are our core values for Property Saviour today. We will always tell you if you are better off with an estate agent. We will offer you free advice regarding your property – even if you are selling through an estate agent.

We believe sell my house fast option works for people who must sell their property fast within a fixed time frame. It is not for everybody. We buy all sorts of residential properties from one bed flats with short leases to bungalows with subsidence, a history of flooding, Japanese Knotweed in the back garden and structural issues! Not a problem as we buy any properties regardless of condition with cash.