Property Investments UK

I'm a 32 year old guy from England currently living in South Manchester who makes a living with property. I consider myself one of the luckiest people on Earth. I didn't win the lottery, I don't live a flash lifestyle and i'm certainly not a self proclaimed property ‘guru'! What I do have is a beautiful wife, an amazing daughter, a crazy dog, a loving family and great friends, and a work life balance that allows me to spend most of my time with them. I used to dread Sunday evenings knowing what awaited me was 5 days straight of groundhog day.

It wasn't fun and it certainly wasn't the future I had envisaged. The Pay was crap and there were never any real prospects. That's when I happened upon property in 2005. After two failed business at the age of 23 and a load of debt, a couple of events in my life opened the doors to property. My old manager had just quiet her job to work at an estate agency and was loving it.